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Everything we do at Goolets is with the company mantra "Life is Good" always on our minds.

It is a simple two-step formula that always brings results to our clients, yacht owners, and employees in the company.

We will be happy to share our formula for a Good Life and a dream yachting holidays.

It always works.


Life is good formula

Step No.1 

Live your life according to your full potential. Work hard. Be active. 

Step No.2 

Go on yachting holidays. Celebrate your successes. Relax. 

We will be happy to assist you with step No. 2. 

Good life formula explained
Our story 2

Our story

Alenka and Mitja Mirtič launched Goolets in 2005, after taking their first yachting holiday together and falling in love with gulets - and each other. (It was a gulet charter in Croatia.) Their experience was so positive, they decided to help other people enjoy the same holiday experience.
The story of their success, however, was anything but smooth.

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How can we help

How we can help?

Yacht research: First, we will help you find the yacht that is perfectly matched to your group requirements and preferences. We will thoroughly search, propose, and advise, until we find the optimal solution - gulet or yacht - for your charter.

Customized Trip Preparation: Next, your group will receive a personalized itinerary, and a food and drinks menu for your trip. Your yacht crew will be fully briefed prior to departure regarding your expectations of the cruise.

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We're building a culture at Goolets where amazing people can do their best job. If you're ready to grow your career and be involved in the luxury yachting segment, you've come to the right place.


Understanding your wishes

Understanding your wishes

We continuously monitor availability, quality, and accuracy of pricing, of well over 500 gulets and yachts in eleven different charter destinations.

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