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5 reasons you will like gulet cruise holidays

Gulet Cruise Holidays are different than renting a villa going to the hotel or renting a sailing yacht or a motor yacht.

In this blog post, I will explain you 5 reasons why I believe gulets are the most amazing way of spending your holidays. I will tell explain it all 100% from my experience so that you do not think this is some sort of marketing pitch text.

I cruised on gulets dozens of times. I also made a fine comparison on this blog.

I compared: 

gulets and villas,

gulets and hotels,

gulets and bare boats,

gulets and huge cruise liners

But in this blog posts, I will explain 5 things that always amaze me during gulet cruise holidays.

1. Eating on a gulet! Location, location, location….

I am not talking about the quality of the food here. I am talking about LOCATION! It is so nice to eat overlooking the sea but on a gulet this is a 5 stars experience (no matter how luxury the gulet is). 

No hotel and cruise liner or villa can give you this and because of the very interesting accommodation concept gulets have they also win over almost any sailing yacht or motor yachts.

Here are some of the pictures to prove it. 

a) This was taken on a cruise we did with gulet Dolin several years ago. Standard gulet but the most amazing view ever!

b) This one was taking on a board of gulet Morning Star. It is so cool to have easy going dinner and then go out to visit the town.

c) It is all about location. Grilled fish in an amazing bay just tastes better than in any restaurant! 

Let us not underestimate the food itself of course. The real superstars on a gulet are chefs that will blow you away. The best possible food in amazing locations beats everything.


Food on a gulet


2. The places you get to see in only 7 days and the way you get to see them!

If you stay in hotel or luxury villa you have to move with a bus, taxi or rent a car to check some places out. Sailing yachts are great but they are not very comfortable. Motor yachts are fast so it is more about going from point A to B in the fastest possible way.

Gulets are all about style, moving in a comfortable way and checking amazing places while doing so.


a) While you cruise from point A to point B you are as comfortable as you can be!

b) You see lots of different towns in a single week!


c) You see lots of amazing nature in a single week! 

Super Nature Croatia


d) You see lots of interesting stuff and experience much more as you would in any hotel.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


3. The flexibility gulets offer for everybody traveling is amazing!

One of the reasons why I LOVE GULET CRUISE HOLIDAYS is the flexibility. When we went on a cruise with other families and friends we had inside all type of people with different interest.

a) 2 of my friends wanted to party all the time. 

b) I was cruising with 2 kids that were 4 and 9 years old so I just wanted the cruise to be cool for them.

c) My other friends had 1 kid that was only 2 years old so their main concern was the safety of course. 

d) We also had teenagers with us – and you know how teens are like. Everything is boring and it is hard to keep them happy. 


Here is the picture to prove it:

You might think it is impossible to keep everybody happy in this kind of group structure. Think again 🙂

– During the day we visited the most amazing bays and places that were fun for everybody!

– In the evening we went to different secluded bays or quiet villages that were out of “action” but still close to it. So kids could go to sleep. Adults with kids could stay on the gulet and have fun, play cards, talk, drink some wine and take it easy, while party people could just go out of gulet and find places to party.

– If we arrived in some town and woman wanted to go shopping – there was nothing stopping them. They went check out shops while the man went to have some beers in a tavern in a town.


When it comes to gulets you are not glued to each other. 

You just go and do whatever you wish.

4. The crew on board is what makes your cruise!

Captain shows you the most amazing places!

The chef cooks the most amazing meals!

Sailor/Waiter/Deckhand serve you and clean your cabins and gulet.

Gulet Boats Crew


What does this mean?

quality service on blue cruise


You do not have to think and check hundreds of travel guides and play the lottery where you should go and what would you see there! Captain will show you the BEST of THE BEST!

You do not have to buy food, cook and clean the plates. It is all taken care off.

You do not have to clean your cabins or salon and you do not have any responsibility at all.

You just lay back and enjoy your holidays TO THE MAX!


Crew on gulet Pamdue


5. It does not have to be expensive!

Gulets are not the cheapest way of spending your holidays. But they also do not have to be the most expensive one.

Lots of times people ask me how much this cost.

It depends on the quality of your gulet, food and the period you are traveling in.

For a complete gulet cruise price breakdown click here:


To put it simply. 

a) You have gulets that cost under 1.000 €/person/Week. In low season this price can go down to 350 €/person/week for economy cabin charter cruises. 

You can also get a very decent gulet for around 700 – 1.000 €/person/week even in high season. This means if you are a group of 10 people you will pay from 7.000 € – 10.000 € (including food – but not air tickets) for a very nice air conditioned gulet.


Gulets and shade Turkey


b) Luxury gulets that compare to 4 or 5 stars hotels will cost you from 1.000 €/person/week and up to 1.500 €/person/week.

Luxury Gulet cruises


c) Deluxe gulets will cost you even more. This gulets cost (if you think charter prices) from 20.000 €/week and up to 100.000 €/week.

Luxury gulets


So to SUM IT ALL UP! What are 5 main reasons I like gulets so much?

a) The food is amazing (quality and location)

b) The places you see in a week are incredible and the way you travel is even better

c) The flexibility of what you can do on a cruise is so much fun! You are really not limited in your options.

d) The crew takes care of everything so you can really just relax and enjoy. 

e) It is affordable and the VALUE for MONEY is just crazy!


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Hope this helped you get a great idea of what gulet cruises are all about.

Mitja Mirtič


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