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5 reasons why we need your gulet charter budget!

Knowing the gulet charter budget of a client is one of the most important info a sales advisor needs in order to provide you with good deals. But most of the agencies are terrified to ask for this info as they believe clients will not wish to disclose this TOP SECRET DETAIL and will lose the client because of it. The truth is however 100% different.


I have to say I was on that train also. It felt so incredibly uncomfortable to ask a client about his budget range for his gulet charter inquiry. 


What if the client will not wish to share this info?


What if the client will get an idea I only wish this info because we wish to cheat them at the end?


What if the client does not even not about this info?


What if I loose the client if I ask him this?


What if……!?!?


So what I did, if I did not have the budget of a client? 


I just offered 3-5 different gulets in different price ranges and hoped for the best.


So the offer looked something like this:


Gulet no.1 – 5.000 €/week + extras


Gulet no.2 – 10.000 €/week + extras


Gulet no.3 – 20.000 €/week + extras


Gulet no.4 – 35.000 €/week + extras


Gulet no.5 – 55.000 €/week + extras


Does this offer make any sense at all?


Budget range

Of course not.


Did we get a booking at the end with this kind of offer?


In 99% of the time – NOT!


So why did we do it?


Because we believed that if we ask this question, we might not get the booking!?!?!


Check again the percentage of success above? (incredible 1%).


So why the f-heck was I scared to ask for this important peace of information?


We came a long way since that old days.


Now the most important thing when it comes to gulet charter and our clients is this:




We do our best in this procedure!


And if we put our harts and souls (and lots of time and energy) into this procedure and making the clients happy.


And this means we do not have time for clients, that are just wasting our time.


Sounds cruel? It is not. It is actually very very nice – for the people that wish us to actually help them.


If you are:

1) interested in gulet cruise holidays

2) if you tell us what you need

3) if you tell us what are you concerned about

4) if you need advice from us

5) if you are interested in best gulet deals

6) if you are interested in best itineraries

7) if you never cruised with gulets before

8) if you are experienced gulet cruise traveler

9) if you need any kind of info about gulets



If you think:

1) we are just trying to cheat you,

2) that asking for your budget is offensive,

3) the tourism and cruise section is in big problems and you can blackmail agencies and gulet owners for crazy discounts.


Greedy agency


Then send us an email and we will be happy to send you directly to our competition.




Let us say you sent us an inquiry and we do not have your budget.


It depends on how experienced you are and in which step of the process is you, but I will assume you never traveled with gulets before.


Here is how we will guide you:


1) we will first determine if gulets are even for you

2) then we will help you determine which destination might be better for you (Turkey, Croatia or Greece)

3) after that we will check what kind of itinerary might be the most interesting for you

4) after that it is important to determine what kind of group you are (seniors, traveling with teens, only couples and no kids, party group…..)



a) can do your itinerary perfectly

b) are perfect for your type of group



And according to this, we will send you the best possible deals that will make you 100% happy!


If you already know where you wish to travel and you have a good idea where you wish to cruise and what to do there, we go directly to STEP NO.5 (letter c).


So we will need your budget and send you best deals according to this info.


5 reasons, why we need your gulet charter budget:


Why it is a good idea to know about your gulet charter budget


1) RELEVANCY: if you have a budget range of 10.000 – 12.000 €, we will not send you gulets that cost 5.000 €, 20.000 €, and 35.000 €! Much more useful for you.


2) BETTER DEALS: if we have your approximate budget, we can negotiate easier with gulet owners meaning you can get better deals.


3) GULET SELECTION: we can concentrate much better on what kind of gulets might be better for you. We can also give you better advice and find more appropriate vessels. 


4) GOOD FEELING YOU ARE A SERIOUS CLIENT: we take all our clients very very seriously and do 100% our best for them. But we are human after all. If we see the client is serious and trusts us it can give us a bit of extra physiological edge, which can mean a bit better deal at the end again.


5) IT IS BETTER FOR YOU ALSO: if you take 5 minutes of your time and think a bit about your budget range it will be also easier for you to compare offers and it will help you in making an easier decision in the end. 


If you do not know what your approximate budget is then all you have to do is this: (very simple solution):


Just inform us what kind of holidays you took last time, where, and how much you paid for it.


And this is it. We will do the rest.


You can start by clicking the button below this post.


Mitja Mirtič



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