3 most important things on a gulet cruise

3 most important things on your gulet cruise

This is my favorite question which I really like to ask when I talk with biggest gulet cruise experts in the market. The people who know what are doing mostly give very very similar replies. So what are the 3 most important things on your gulet cruise? 

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The answer that Diana provided is short, fast and 100% correct!

I could not have said any better!

It goes like this!

No.1 – The Crew!

Crew on a luxury gulet

No.2 – The Food!

3 most important things on your gulet cruise

No.3 – The Crew again!

Crew on a gulet

Sure maintenance of the gulet is super important! Gulet must have a good smell. Gulet also must be clean! 

But the crew and the food will make your cruise an amazing experience which you will never forget!

So my advice would be like this:

“Before you book any gulet, make sure the crew will be able to communicate with you and that the food will be good. And then your holidays will be perfect!”

Mitja Mirtič

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