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3 biggest mistakes people do when they rent a gulet!

If you wish to rent a gulet you will have an amazing time. 80% of people who try gulets come back for more.

All you have to do is avoid the most common mistakes people usually do when renting a gulet and you will have the best holidays ever.

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Gulet cruise holidays are a combination of 3 things:

1) Choosing where to cruise and what to see there.

2) Organization what you will do while on a gulet.

3) Which gulet to select according to your wishes.

The possibilities can be overwhelming  This is the fact. And if you lose the focus or get lost in the things that doesn’t”t really matter it can be stressful 

All you have to do is avoid this mistakes and you will be fine.

Gulet cruise mistake no.1: You wish to see too much in very short time!

Croatia has more than 1.000 islands!

Turkey has unlimited history sites and amazing beaches to check.

Greece has lots of different areas to cruise and it is hard to choose which ones to leave out.

And there is also an issue of “Travel Guides”.

I have to say I am a huge fan of “Lonely Planet”, I watch “Travel Channel” every day and I think travel guides are very practical. 

However, you should not take them “too seriously” and to the point.

An average person working for “Lonely Planet” was in Croatia from 3-5 times for example. He knows all the famous sites and he can help you with some great tips.

But every gulet owner or a captain is living in Croatia, he is cruising around the bays and Islands 15 times/year (only with this groups) and he knows EVERYTHING about best-hidden places, beaches, towns and must see destinations.

Believe me – it pays off to listen to advice of the owner!

And do not plan too much! If you wish to see 25 different beaches, 15 different towns, 10 nature parks and 15 islands – the only thing you will have after the cruise is travel “hangover”  – you will not remember anything and most of all you will not be able to enjoy the cruise and have the best time.

Take it easy. And you will have the best time.


Gulet cruise mistake no.2: You wish to save money on food!

How many times people have decided to book a gulet over their budget range and then lower the costs of food to make it happen. 

Yes, luxury type cabins and nice pictures of 5 stars gulet really look cool…but this will not make your holidays.

This is very common in Turkey Charter where you can select several different food menus. So people book a 15.000 €/week gulet for 12 guests and then take economy full board menu for 175 €/person/week which is normally organized for party groups or students.

Take 12.000 €/week gulet instead and book DELUXE FOOD MENU! It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Food on a gulet


Gulet cruise mistake no.3: You select the wrong TYPE of gulet!

People concentrate too much on “technical” part of the gulet when they are making a decision to book a gulet.

How long is the gulet, how large are the cabins and when the gulet was built are very common questions.

But unfortunately, this is not the right questions you should be asking.

Much better questions would be:

a) What is the crew like?

b) Can they assist you according to your wishes?

c) What is the equipment on board like?

d) How experienced is the chef?

It is not the size of the cabins that matter on a gulet cruise. It is the crew, the food, the food and activities during your cruise. 

Crew on gulet Pamdue


So what you should do to avoid this mistakes?

no.1 – Determine your group wishes!

no.2 – What would you like to see during the cruise and what you would like to do during the cruise?

no.3 – What is your approximate budget range?

no.4 – Put all this in a nice e-mail and send it to travel agency that looks like an expert. (know that agency that has 3.500 ships listed in not an expert, they just like to show off)

no.5 – Or fill out our inquiry form (Dream Gulet Cruise Holidays Form) and we help you with the best possible cruise.


Are you not sure if gulet cruises are the holidays for you?

If you rent a gulet will you have the best time ever or you will hate it?

Let us know about your wishes and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Mitja Mirtič


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